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UK Tories on the Ropes, But You’d Never Know It if You Relied Solely on US Big Media

David Cameron

Here’s something I found en route to looking up something else:

David Cameron is under fresh pressure after a poll put the [UK Conservative or “Tory”] party on just 27% – one of its lowest ratings of recent years.

According to the Opinium research for the Observer, Ukip is just 10 points behind on 17% after luring voters away from the Tories and Labour.

It also found the Prime Minister’s personal rating dropped 8% in a fortnight to 18%.

The latest study comes after a poll of marginal constituencies on Saturday suggested Labour would scoop 93 seats from the Conservatives and take the keys to No 10 if a general election was held on Monday.

Even worse news for the Tories — it was one of their own polls that broke the bad news for them:

Labour would gain 93 seats from the Conservatives to become the next government if a general election were held now, according to a poll of marginal constituencies.

Labour would gain 109 seats in total, taking them to 367 MPs and giving them a majority of 84, the research found.

The survey, carried out by the Conservative donor Lord Ashcroft, found there would be an 8% swing to the opposition in the most closely contested seats.

It comes amid claims that a canvass of Tory activists found just 7% believed the prime minister, David Cameron, will secure victory in 2015 and is likely to increase unease among already unsettled party members.

Wow. Less than three years after a narrow Tory victory in the 2010 elections — so narrow that the Tories’ banker friends had to threaten to downgrade the UK’s credit rating to keep Clegg and the LibDems from forming a government with Labour — the Tories are now spiraling into the dirt. Yet even though the Tory win was much ballyhooed by the US media and pointed to by them as a bellwether for the 2010 midterm elections in the US, there’s been nothing so far in the US press about the Tories’ rapid fall from grace.

Funny how that works.

Granted, the 2015 elections are still two years away. But Cameron’s continued embrace of highly unpopular austerity measures is not exactly a recipe for guaranteeing electoral popularity for his party.

Just remember: If the morning of May 8, 2015 finds Labour in control of the UK once more, if you’re an American you will likely have heard it here first.

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