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Just five months after its inception, the Nuclear Regulation Authority has already fired a senior official for having an “inappropriate exchange” with the operator of a nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, a high-ranking official at the land ministry (the parliamentary secretary for reconstruction, if you must know) mysteriously resigned, allegedly over “a relationship with a woman.” Can’t have that!

Researchers at the environment ministry believe there may be a connection between the March 11 megaquake and a magnitude 6.5 earthquake in Hokkaido last month that caused blackouts and highway closures.

It was reported that officials at the National Police Agency are making an effort to develop better aging-prediction technology out of concerns that “the faces of people on police wanted posters end up looking markedly different from fugitives.”


Percent of Japanese internet users who have just one password for all their online accounts, according to antivirus software company Trend Micro

Number of telephone conversations wiretapped by Japanese police last year, according to the government

Number of crimes that pickpocket Takayuki Okaniwa, 43, confessed to committing during the past four months, after his arrest in January

Hurl Obscenities at the Crane Game from the Comfort of Your Own Home! Online Remote UFO Catcher Opened
by Master Blaster
Crane games, claw machines, UFO catchers, whatever you want to call them can be found scattered all across East Asia taking in reams of cash with promises of prizes ranging from giant stuffed phallic mushrooms to game consoles.

Oh, how I look back fondly on lining up my plastic pincers precisely over a PSP only to have them go limp at the last minute. The nursing staff and I had many a chuckle as they stitched up my knuckles from punching repeatedly into the Plexiglas window.

Thanks to Netch and their remote web browser operated crane game, instead of getting charged with destruction of property I can get enraged in front of my own computer screen!

These Bones

Have Become A God

Oh The Horror

Please Stop

How Can I Deal

With Myself?

Tsunami victim’s father keeps her dream alive

IWAKI, Fukushima Prefecture–Even after two years, Takashi Suzuki tries to keep control of his emotions as he prays for his daughter at the family altar each morning.

Suzuki, a cram school operator, lost his only daughter in the tsunami that turned northern coastal areas into a wasteland on March 11, 2011.

“Every time I light the incense sticks for her in the morning, my heart aches. I still think of that day. I feel I should have tackled the waves to go rescue her, and that if I had failed, it would have been better to die with her.”

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