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WANTED: A Tenacious Watchdog Senator for the Federal Civil Service

Position Available

Wanted: A tough, principled, and tenacious senator who is willing to play a much-needed prosecutorial role on the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The incumbent is expected to become the conscience of the civil service system and the moral compass of the federal bureaucracy.


Must be:

  • Fiercely independent;
  • An expert in civil service laws;
  • Willing to confront wrongdoing, corruption, cronyism, and coverups in government, wherever they may occur;
  • Willing to reach out beyond the traditional Washington accountability bubble and listen to the concerns of ordinary citizens and federal employees;
  • Excited about holding agencies’ and watchdogs’ feet to the fire; and
  • Willing to resign or blow the whistle loudly before forsaking whistleblowers and their civil rights for business as usual in Washington.

Interested candidates may contact for more information.

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