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The patriarchy strikes back; it is bestial, it is brutal. It is Moloch, and it is consuming its daughters.

From the PBS Newshour, a story so frightful that it will shake your humanity to the core, in horror that your species includes amongst it the sort who would perpetrate the foul crime described.


Briefly, in a spasm of rage mimiced (it is estimated) 5000 times each year, a family of rich Pakistanis stalked and murdered its daughter and grandchildren.  Her crime–she married a poor man.


We have already become inured, perhaps, to the bizarre and murderous tribal excresences grotesquely denominated "honor killings", the motivation for which is usually described as the refusal of a daughter (never a son…) to comform to the tribal norms surrounding sex and marriage.


Sometimes the murdered girl refused to be sold in marriage to a man three times her age. Sometimes the victim is described as fleeing one designated husband to be with another whom she loved.


Sometimes the couple sought legal sanction for their love, sometimes not.


The universal element: Daring to ally herself with some man of whom her male family members disapproved.


The linked story is fraught with extra horror, with the homicidal revenge extending to the two tiny children of the dispised union.


The bottom line–we are doomed to interact with these cultural cretins, and to have the stench of their diseased souls pollute the very air we breath.


As such, we cannot ignore, and thus cannot permit, this oppression. Let us, at the very least, be conductors on a modern underground railway, and emulate those who helped in the slaves' desperate dash to escape.


Just as the abolitionists in the northern states could not abide that slavery should continue to prosper and flourish in our country, so we must be as resolute and unforgiving as John Brown before the slavery of our sisters.


One planet, one rule: Freedom. 

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