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Our New Ad – “Catfood 2.0”

As Jon Walker recently pointed out, April 1 is the newest manufactured crisis deadline facing Washington. That’s when most of the pain from the sequester will actually be felt. Additionally, without a new government-funding bill before March 27, the federal government will shut down. What this means is lawmakers will most likely be looking to replace the sequester with new cuts in an omnibus spending bill before the end of the month.

Enter the austerity warriors. They missed their opportunity to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid when we went over the fiscal cliff. They missed their opportunity when we passed the first sequestration deadline. We know they’re determined not to miss out again – and they have a blueprint.

Last month, Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles unveiled their newest deficit reduction plan, and it’s worse than the first — calling for $5 trillion in deficit reduction, a major portion of which comes from benefit cuts. We’ made a new YouTube advertisement detailing these cuts and encouraging new activists to join our campaign opposing this plan — but we need your help to run it in front of as many people as possible.

Watch our new video ad, “Catfood 2.0” and consider donating $5+ to run it on Youtube.

The new Simpson-Bowles plan includes $600 billion in unspecified cuts to Medicare and Medicaid and the uniquely terrible idea of calculating Social Security adjustments through chained CPI. The worst part is, the President continues to embrace many of these ideas — including chained-CPI — in his unending quest for a grand bargain.

Simpson-Bowles II is just a plan for dismantling our most important social programs while protecting the loopholes enjoyed by corporations and billionaires. By moving the goal posts and demanding bigger cuts, the Catfood Cabal is once again stoking fears about the economy in order to force the “shared sacrifices” of their austerity agenda upon us. We know this plan will be continually proposed as April 1 approaches and we need to recruit new activists to join the fight against it.

YouTube ads are a cost-effective way to share our message and cut through the misinformation being spread by deficit warriors like Simpson and Bowles and their well-financed astroturf operations like Fix the Debt.

Can you donate $5+ to help us run our video ad opposing the new Catfood plan?


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Zach Tomanelli

Zach Tomanelli