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Progressives could learn a thing or two from Richard Sherman

on how to attack the media and call them on their BS.


Richard Sherman, the oft outspoken All Pro Cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks, who became nationally recognized for taunting Tom Brady with the now infamous “you mad bro?” incident, took on Skip Bayless of ESPN today and ripped him a new one.  Bayless, one of the most biased, opinionated sports commentators in the nation, has historically hated everything and anything to do with Seattle and the Seahawk franchise.  Well Sherman had had enough.  Prior to the interview, Bayless had dismissed Sherman as not being in the same league as Revis, a cornerback for the Jets that is considered one of the best of all time.

Well, it turns out the facts speak for themselves and in only 2 years Sherman has done things Revis never did.

But that’s not the point.  The point is, the progressivesphere never gets any respect in the political arena, just like the Seahawks and Richard Sherman never get any respect from the sports media.  The reason is because the 1%ers control the media and thus control how our beliefs get spun.  But do they?  All it takes is for people to have the guts to call each individual personally on their BS, the way Sherman attacked Bayless today, to bring to the publics attention just how vapid the media really is.

Bayless:  Do you think you’re better than Revis right now?

Sherman:  I’m better than you…..I’m tired of your pollution.  I’m tired of your ignorant pollution.

Bayless:  You’ve avoided every question that we’ve asked you.  Why are you engaging in so much trash talk about Revis and Roddy and all the others?

Sherman:  I’m talking to you right now.  This isn’t about any of them….let’s let the numbers speak for themselves….you obviously didn’t watch the tape, didn’t watch the season….that’s when you lose credibility.  You couldn’t argue valid points to prove that.  You couldn’t argue anything you could just say it.  That’s an opinion and that’s why your opinion is discredited because there are no facts behind it.  There are facts to everything I say.

This is at the crux of turning public opinion to our favor.  Discrediting the media pundits personally and backing it up with facts.  Exposing them.  No one does it, because it’s rude.  Well, we don’t have the luxury of being polite.  We need to take a page from Richard Shermans playbook and start playing for keeps.  When a progressive has a moment in the media spotlight, it’s never enough to try to argue the policy.  They’ve already developed a spin on the policy, on you, on all of it.  What you have to do is attack that Media Idiot personally.  Attack them to back up their opinions with facts.  Expose them for the world to see.  Don’t fight for the policy, fight that person on the other side of the aisle.  Because the truth is on your side, not theirs and when you do that you expose their BS for what it is.


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