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Let’s pause for some classic, flaming race-baiting bullsh*t by MN State Rep Gruenhagen

Hat tip to Bluestem Prairie for covering this lurid garbage. The headline:

Gruenhagen gone wild: “welfare” tells men to “impregnate as many women as they want

It’s no exaggeration, either. Glenn Gruenhagen (R-Glencoe) doesn’t like the idea of the health care exchanges in the Affordable Care Act, so he dipped into a can of rancid snuff and snorted out this classic bit of business to “raise awareness” of the impending doom of black men running on an impregnation spree.  “Gruenhagen dove in with a claim that “welfare” programs were responsible for out-of-wedlock births among “minorities”–and so the health care exchange might further erode traditional marriage:”

When a country undermines traditional marriage, it cannot print up enough money to take care of all the problems that happen in our society. And we need to look no further than our welfare program and the black families in this country. Prior to the great society programs of the 60s the out of wedlock birth among black families was approximately, or was under 20 percent. Today that in the inner city, the out of wedlock birth for black families is over 80 percent. And one of the primary reasons for that is that we have developed government programs that will pick up the tab for having children out of wedlock. The result is we exploit our women, we create a bad situation for our children, especially minorities and we tell men that they can impregnate as many women as they want and the government will pick up the tab. I think we need to stop that philosophy not expand it as the ah.. with the credit in the health insurance exchange. Thank you. Representative….

Why not just experience the fun of it on video for good measure:

In news that should shock no one, this turd doesn’t like TEH HOMOS much either. We’re destroying society, and the institution of marriage, of course because we’re all mentally ill. In response to a marriage equality measure he said:

“We’re talking about gay marriage…We’re not talking about an immutable characteristic, like the color of your skin, Ok? The human genome map was completed in two-thousand-and-three. There is no gay gene, Ok?

“So the concept that you’re born that way, and it’s an immutable characteristic, is an unscientific lie, Ok? I urge you, as the news media, to give both sides a fair and open hearing on this debate.”

Gruenhagen’s biography says that he holds a financial planning certificate from The American College of Financial Services in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. The school does not appear to offer degrees in human sexuality, genetics or media ethics. Nor was it immediately clear what the completion of the human genome map or the lack of a scientifically determined gayness gene has to do with civil laws permitting two human beings to marry, without regard to skin color, gender or insurance portfolio.


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