Closing Time At Café Drone

Since all of the talk for the next few days is going to about Death From Above and we are bound to witness the inevitable dawn of  Rand Paul rEVOLution 2016 by the Dronz ‘n Dope crowd, I’m outta here for the next few days (except for basset blogging) but not before I let THE LEFT speak for me:

Also, this.

Taco Bell fans erupted on social media Wednesday when they couldn’t find the much-anticipated new Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Tacos.

“I’ve never been more angry in my life,” Shawn Oliver wrote on Taco Bell’s Facebook page, one of more than 3,000 comments posted by early Wednesday afternoon.

Added Kevin Kinney: “You lied to me!! I thought we had a better relationship than this!!”

The fast-food chain announced Monday that the eagerly awaited sequel to the Doritos Nacho Cheese taco shell — released last year to great fanfare– would be in restaurants starting Wednesday. That’s a day earlier than the original advertised launch date.

The announcement, posted on the company’s Facebook page, read “You told us you can’t wait. Now you don’t have to.”

The message, however, that didn’t reach loyal Taco Bell patrons is that only select restaurants would offer the special taco a day early. A spokeswoman for the Irvine-based company told The Associated Press that the early release was only at participating restaurants.

I blame Obama.

ADDED: The L&T Casey (who is a college  student, remember) had two (2)  Cool Ranch Doritos  Tacos from an elitist Taco Bell on the Upper East Side  (suck it, midwest). She said they were “really good”.  A friend (also a college student) had five for breakfast.

The end.

ADDED ADDED: For hose who think I’m being dismissive about their very sincere and deeply heartfelt drone concerns, see my comments here and here. Oy (as Ann Romney would say) you people….

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