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Over Easy: Monday Science


You were expecting little green men?


Two weeks ago, I warned you about giant flying carnivorous squid. This week I warn you of the stinkbug invasion.  It seems the best plan for dealing with this a wasp that parasitizes stinkbug eggs.

Is it possible that wild bees are better pollinators than domesticated bees? Beekeepers, please comment!

Black holes are cool. This one is spinning about 84% of the speed of light.  

Aw, crap. Still, operations are proceeding one the backup and it seems likely to me they’ll be able to recover the failed computer. I was going to put a line here about how harsh the radiation environment on Mars was, but I encountered this that I missed first time. Mars ain’t as bad as I thought. And I learned something today.

It appears as though economic reality is finally catching up with fission power. This would have happened earlier, if our government hadn’t assumed significant risks for the nuke plants. Insurance costs alone would have killed the idea. How do you insure the cost of evacuating Cleveland?

Remember those six leaking tanks at Hanford? That may be up to 76 tanks, but the rest are thought secure.  And of course we believe them.

One top of that, we have this. Illness caused by wind farms. The condition is not without controversy. Wind power is still one of the best options we have. And it’s possible that large ones could reduce hurricane impact. But if they can have that kind of impact, what natural processes driven by the wind will we foul up?

Another step forward for superconductors.  Unlike the stuff I mentioned last week, this stuff is actually usable. As with most science, there are ways metamaterials can be abused. However, such a sensor could be a peeping tom or it could detect plastic land mines without digging.

This could be creepy or exciting. We connected the brains of rats so that teaching one caused the other to learn the same information.

This could be big. The first functional cure for HIV in an infant.

This IS big. The UK is investing about 88 Mlb in a telescope as big as all the rest of ’em put together.

Boxturtle (Darn wordpress ate my first attempt! *GROWL*)

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