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Moral quandaries are for the little people

Two stories, one common theme.

In California, the private San Diego Christian College fired 29 year old Teri James because she got pregnant hence proving she had premarital sex with her fiance before marriage.

Naturally the college approached someone to replace Ms. James, that someone was her fiance, the man who had premarital sex with her.

Meanwhile, another prominent religious sex AND God-botherer, Cardinal Keith O’Brien the United Kingdom’s highest ranking Catholic spent the last eight years or so speaking against Gay rights.

Well guess what?

Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the former leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, has admitted his sexual conduct has at times “fallen beneath the standards expected of me”. 

 He apologised and asked forgiveness from those he had “offended”.

The cardinal resigned last Monday after three priests and a former priest had made allegations of improper behaviour against him dating back to the 80s.

He made no effort to apologize for being a hypocrite who projected his self-loathing bigotry upon others who don’t happen to be powerful nor prominent.

And he probably never will.

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