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Quinn Norton talks about the Swartz investigation

This was posted to “The Atlantic” about 99 minutes ago. To read over her account of both her relationship with Aaron, and then the Kafka-esque descent into madness precipitated by agents of our government in their quest to bring Aaron down is to awaken in full to the toxicity of our Brave New World of American Inquisition.

Our Department of Justice cares not at all about drug cartel money laundering at HSBC, that netted that firm billions in profits. It cares not at all about restitution for individuals who are wrongly foreclosed upon by other large banks. (Not even for one individual whose house had been paid for, in full, with cash.)

Apparently by not needing to worry about those matters, the DOJ and officials in other Federal agencies have plenty of time and resources to spend in chasing down the likes of a cyber-Einstein. The blow by blow account by Ms Norton of the various arduous and intricate methods used by the Prosecutors is painful to read. And it must have been a nightmare to live. These indecent government agents were proud of being able to hassle, harass, and outright lie to manipulate Norton into giving up, inadvertently, some needed ammunition against Aaron. All this seems so extremely outrageous, that just as I felt shame on March 23rd, 2003, when we entered into an illegal war against Iraq, I felt shame that my nation entered into this illegal war of prosecutorial misconduct against this young couple. The account is so tragic, because there never even was any victim willing to even tell the Government that they wanted Aaron brought down! And now with his senseless and untimely death, there simply are no words to express the egregiousness of these people’s actions.

Quinn Norton’s account can be read in full, at the following link:

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