Pull Up Your Cat

Good morning happy cat people. After taking a break from blogging, I’m back and thanks to yellowsnapdragon for taking on the post and giving us a Nagi, (now Shadow) update. Really nothing to report about the cat except one item. Last week when she was in one of her fiesty moods, she went out onto the balcony while I had the door open bringing in plants. When I went out for the last one, there she was, walking along the top of the 3/4 inch wide railing. I live on the third floor and the rail is made of steel so she wouldn’t have anything to grab onto if she lost her balance. I said, “What are you doing up there?!?” She got down and gave me that “What’s your problem” look. I’ve never seen her up there before, though she has climbed into the rubber plant to get to birds but I’m sure she’s done it before and has been for years. There’s nothing below that but a hedge that has been kept trimmed, (so there are many fat branches that come to blunt points) and also some very hard ground. I hope she has the sense to stay off the rail when the wind is gusty because I can’t deny her access to the porch. Wish I had a picture of her up there but the last thing in my mind was photography!

Here are the pics:

Kuroneko picture of the week: “Where’s the catfood?”

Demi’s cat Picky. Isn’t he gorgeous?
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Getting harder and harder to find pictures that don’t have silly phrases across them. This is a great one though, from Cute Overload

More funny cat vids.

That’s it for this week. I hope you will stop by and share your cat stories and pictures. I wish everybody a great week ahead but whatever you do, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animal(s) share their lives with you.

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