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Saturday Art: Quilts and Fabric Scraps

A must-see: Quilts in the Paducah, Ky Quilt Museum, from prior quilt shows, by BIDEOBOB on YouTube:

For anyone interested in watching a lovely tutorial Vimeo about fabric scraps, quilts, history and ideas, Have a look at Eleanor Burns, From Scraps to Quilts. Plus, an absolutely adorable young woman does a Vimeo about a quilt made “from a million billion” knitted ‘hexapuffs,’ in a quilt she calls The Beekeeper’s Quilt.

You gotta love Eleanor, who demonstrated at the Paducah KY Quilt Show in 2010. She is surrounded with lovely antiques (first link above), and demonstrates atop a wooden ironing board. I have pulled two antique wooden ironing boards from dumpsters here, and I still have one, just because I think it’s pretty, plus, I oughta just open a fabric scrap business, I have decided. I finally quit pulling linen and lace and yards of fabric scraps from dumpsters, because I did not know what to do, other than look at it.

Actually, I know nobody bothers much with links, but have just a peek at the two women above, and agree with me: Now, I don’t quilt, but I honestly cannot imagine why I wasted so much time with alcohol. Why didn’t I just skip all that and have what these women are having? Honest to God, how I tortured myself, when I could have been this happy, artistic and productive. That said, I have solid plans for my future show-stopper quilt that I will make someday, when I take up this precise art. I’ll call it ‘1000 Cranes,’ and it will have movement, joy, color and melancholy, just like the real cranes, who take their difficult migration journey over the Himalayan Valley of Death each year.

As BIDEOBOB mentions above, the Paducah Quilt Museum prohibits photography, I am guessing to prevent light damage to the show quilts, so here are some Saturday Art photos, from the public domain on Flickr:

Triangle Tilt Quilt - For The Love of Solids Swap - Round Two

Triangle Tilt Quilt – For The Love of Solids Swap – Round Two by Sarah @ pings and needles, blogged here.

quilt in the window 3

Quilt in the Window by abmatic

Quilt Top

Quilt Top by Cindy_FL

Family Quilt!

Family Quilt by daneen_vol

Eleanor speaks of the fabric scrap bags that the pioneer women kept and even willed. Their fabric scrap bags sat beside them on the wagons. How I wish I had kept a fabric scrap bag, with my son’s shirts, maybe my father’s service clothing, my mother’s nightgowns or scarves, or my husband’s ties!

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