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Obama/Kerry Drop 4PM Friday Keystone Bomb: 20 Hours Later, Liberal Websites Have Nothing To Say

John Kerry - Caricature

John Kerry - Caricature

Twenty hours after the Obama/Kerry State Department let loose the Environmental Impact Statement on the Keystone XL pipeline, declaring in the dead of Friday afternoon that it has no significant environmental impacts, I turned to the big liberal web sites to read their articles on it.  Huffington Post, nothing.  DailyKos, nothing.  Democratic Underground, nothing.

This is pretty interesting, politically.  The Dem web sites seem to be treating this as if nothing happened, because, after all, what can they say?  They are caught on the horns of a dilemma of Obama’s making.  On the one hand, they need to be seen praising Obama’s SOTU rhetoric on climate change, but now that he’s shown he’s as firmly in the hip pockets of the fossil fuel industry as any other politician, they can’t bring themselves to stand up to him, either.  The result is silence – maybe this dilemma will somehow go away on its own…

In my humble opinion, those of us who want the US to make as abrupt a turn away from fossil fuels as possible, can use this as leverage to help destroy the Democratic Party as we know it.   It’s clear that the Democratic Party has drunk the fracking fluid – some, literally, like our once-beloved Governor Hickenlooper, now bound for greater glory (fawning articles in the Harvard Business Review and a little trip to Davos for the World Economic Forum means he’ll be moving up soon) and others, only symbolically, like Dear President.  Fracking fluid probably wasn’t on the beverage list when Dear President golfed with his gas industry buddies while 50,000 mostly-Democrats rallied outside his house. But I’m sure he performed the equivalent action to get where is he now.  Gotta prove you’re a member of the club, after all, before they’ll let you in.   I wonder, too, if there were high-fives all around at the golf game when BO announced that the EIS will be released in two weeks and that you fellers will be very happy with what it says.

So, Democratic environmentally-minded voters have a choice to make: planet or party.  I hope that those of us who have made the only rational and moral choice, planet, can find an effective way to make those voters make a choice, as well.  If we can do this, perhaps we can reveal the Democratic Party for the corrupt institution it is, and reshape the politics of this country.

Caricature from DonkeyHotey licensed under Creative Commons

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