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Come Saturday Morning: Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority!

As the Divine TBogg hath reminded us yesterday, Andrew Breitbart has been dead for a full year now and for some reason did not rise from the grave.

To honor his passing, and to openly mock the mainstream media clowns who still hang on his surviving minions’ every demented word, I’m bringing back this full-on crazy blast from the Breitbartian past, in which the 1964 Johnson campaign is slandered — and remember folks, this is not coming from The Onion:

Journalists on the campaign trail saw Johnson drunkenly board a plane armed with nuclear weapons and then accidentally drop them on the United States. Luckily, by the grace of God, they did not go off. None of this was reported, while newspapers editors worked in overdrive to portray Goldwater as eager to push the button.

It put me in mind of the “Neighborhood Nuclear Superiority” skit from Elephant Parts, so I’ve decided to share a video of that skit with you this fine Saturday morning.

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