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Balance of Powers

Human beings are given protection under the Constitution because we are weak, and the State is strong. If freedom is the heart, balance of powers is the bone of our Constitution. We cannot, as individuals, simultaneously attend a board meeting in Ireland, run a dragline in Ontario, build a pipeline in Alaska, run a string of animal testing labs and appear before a Congressional committee to explain our actions. Corporations can do all these things, and more, simultaneously. They control individuals by the thousands and exert powerful influence on the State. Corporations do not need, and should not have, Constitutional protection designed to redress the balance of powers. Period.

The Second Amendment is also an instance of the balance of powers principle. It was meant to give people the power to confront an armed, tyrannical State and overthrow it, as the Founding Fathers themselves did. The argument is made by some that the right to bear “arms”  really means “armament equal in firepower to that possessed by the State” – balance of powers. I agree with this view. Since felons are not allowed to own guns, I believe parity of powers would best be achieved by the total disarmament of any government that has ever committed felonious acts, such as causing harm or wrongful death of its citizens.

In other news, Warren Buffet, my candidate for Sanest Man in The World, has called out the dishonesty of the right-wing business block by stating the obvious, “Risk and uncertainty have always been with us.” So quit whining and sniveling, Chamber of Commerce! If you can’t stand the heat, that is, come up with a solid enough business plan to withstand a 2% change in headwind, get the hell out of the kitchen and let some Americans show you how things are done! Our farmers and manufacturers have weathered 30% changes through American history while building a strong nation, shame on you.

Finally, or should I say, “At Last!”, “Pessimists Live Longer, Study Shows.” Take that, Pollyannas! Hey, I heard it on NPR.

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