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State Department Clears Keystone Pipeline For Approval

The State Department has downplayed the environmental impact of the Keystone XL pipeline

Today, the U.S. Department of State released a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) in response to TransCanada’s May 2012 application for the Keystone XL pipeline that would run from Canada to Nebraska. The document is a draft technical review of potential environmental impacts associated with the proposed Project, including: impacts from construction, impacts from potential spills, impacts related to climate change, and economic impacts. The Draft SEIS is available at:

A 45-day public comment period will begin when EPA posts the Draft SEIS on its website, a process that generally takes about one week following today’s submission of the document to that agency. Specific instructions about how to submit comments will be provided via the Federal Register and on the State Department Keystone XL website.

After the end of the public comment period, the Department will consider comments received and prepare a Final SEIS. The National Interest Determination period will begin following the release of the Final SEIS, during which time the Department will obtain the views of other agencies about whether to grant or deny the permit.

This is the pipeline 48 environmental activists, including the Sierra Club, were arrested protesting. Preventing this pipeline was considered by many a must win as NASA climate scientist James Hansen said the Canadian tar sand exploitation was game over for the planet.

Seems like Game Over then.

Photo from Twitter via Tar Sands Action

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Dan Wright

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