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School Employee Accidentally Shot During District-Sponsored Gun Training

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It seems the more schools take up the NRA’s advice to arm teachers and other school employees the more unsafe the school becomes. First it was a firearms instructor leaving his gun in the student’s bathroom and now a school employee has been accidentally shot while preparing to implement the NRA’s solution to school shootings.

Van ISD Superintendent Don Dunn has confirmed an employee was shot during private instruction after a school district sponsored handgun training safety class.

Multiple sources, including teachers at Van ISD, and from the employee’s family, tell us that the employee is Glenn Geddie, who works in the maintenance department for Van ISD. We can confirm that Geddie is at ETMC in Tyler, listed in fair condition.

Back in January, the Van Independent School District school board authorized “certain school employees and other persons” to carry authorized firearms on school property.

Arming janitors now? That’s the best response to the Sandy Hook school shootings?

Dunn also said in January that they are all concerned something could go wrong with this plan, but the possibility of an attack on campus outweighs that fear.

Why worry about people getting shot when people could get shot. But hey, more guns will be bought for this program and isn’t that what the gun industry NRA really wants?

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.