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Kudos to the House Progressive Caucus!

Kudos to the House Progressive Caucus!


With the preponderance of Thought and Action, the final tally of votes in the House, effectively demonstrated that the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act that includes, for the first time, the LGBT, Immigrant Women and Native American communities, was illuminating relative to today’s political behavior among Republicans.


Consequently, the often-cited opposition on the Right was premised on denying Justice to Native American women, give that tribal entities and the appropriate tribal courts, invariably ruled, when they did, that the majority of these sexual attacks including rape, occurred by non-Native Americans.  And here inArizona, with over 20 federally-recognized communities, reservations, and tribal courts, our Kudos to the Progressive Caucus, reaffirms and merits our continued support.  And in passing, the FBI’s history for its lackadaisical behavior contradicts their “savvy” investigative prowess.


In contrast, when one looks to the two states that do not have federally recognized communities, reservations and tribal courts, both Georgia and Tennessee, fit this bill of particulars.  To wit, the 9 Republican House members from Georgia and the 7 Republican House members from Tennessee,  when viewed collectively, voted in opposition to the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act.





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