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Kerry and AFL-CIO latest Betrayers of Future Generations

So Kerry – the “environmentalist” – in addition to finding no concerns in public comments about the XL Pipeline, has in the initial report of his new agency found “little environmental harm.”  This despite the concern of experts that it would be “game over” for the environment. Dr. Hansen’s webpage   Keystone XL Pipeline Does Little Environmental Harm, US Finds  and   Time Magazine Quote

First the AFL-CIO betrayed working people by not forcefully opposing all of Obama’s NAFTA-like agreements that Obama was able to push through where Bush failed. See Economic Graphs  The Economy under the Democratic/Republican Uni-Party  and  Unions Under the Democratic/Republican Uni-Party   The AFL-CIO played cute about supporting the pipeline, but the result is they once again sold out major benefits for temporary gains.   A.F.L.-C.I.O. Blocks Keystone Oil Pipeline, if Indirectly

They are just the latest in a long line. Remember Robert Redford asking us all to write thank you letters to the White House the first time the XL Pipeline was postponed for the election? Bill McKibben urging us on his fall 2012 tour to vote for Obama and being sure not to have the annual 350 international event or any White House Protests during an election year? The Sierra Club, League of Conservation Voters,  many other organizations, and even some members of the Green Party urging us to vote for Obama without preconditions of any kind? And if you think this is an anomaly for Obama please see The Environment under the Democratic/Republican Uni-Party

There will be no apologies to future generations. This will be like segregation: Everyone will pretend they were on the side of the angels all along.

If published credentialed scientists are correct then that means time is of the essence. This building travesty means that working within the system just does not work, thanks in large part to the many who view the electoral success of the democrats more important than any principle. The streets are the only option left. I hope and pray non-violent protests will be sufficient.

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