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Hi, y’all. It’s Cartoon Friday again.

Rocko’s Modern Life, created by Joe Murray, aired for four seasons on Nickelodeon from 1993 to 1996. It maintains a fan following loyal enough that the complete series was just released on DVD late last month. Its staff saw continued success in the field of animation — after the show’s end, series director Stephen Hillenburg created the long-running and super successful Spongebob Squarepants and took much of Rocko’s team with him (Source: Wikipedia).

Although Spongebob lives on his own and has a job, his attitude is deliberately childlike. The concerns of Rocko’s Modern Life seem more adult, or at least they begin in the adult world before inevitably devolving into surreal madness. The title character is a wallaby trying to make it on his own, with a troublesome pet dog (‘Spunky’) and a soul-deadening job at Conglom-O, the major employer in his city (‘O-Town’) — their motto is “We Own You.” Rocko has everyday, grownup concerns like paying the bills or wondering if kinky neighbor Bev Bighead is trying to seduce him.

The Bigheads are often a source of conflict in Rocko’s Modern Life, and today’s Cartoon Friday selection is no exception. In “Wacky Delly,” considered one of the series high points, the neighbors’ son Ralph Bighead is a famous animator who wants to make fine art instead. Since his contract requires him to produce another cartoon, he hires the local idiots — that is, Rocko and his friends Filburt Turtle and Heffer (a cow raised by wolves) — to create a cartoon so incompetent that it will be immediately canceled. The results, involving talking food and a lot of mayonaise, are decidedly meta and rather bizarre.

Enjoy! What are your favorite Internet cartoons? I might use one in a future installment.

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