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Andrew Breitbart Died and That Is Why We Have a Black President

One year ago today Andrew Breitbart was drone-murdered called home by Hell Jesus after an evening of drinking, somber reflection upon man’s place in the universe, and screaming “Stop raping people!” at random patrons in a Brentwood wine bar.  He left his media empire in the capable hands of these worthy successors

…with predictable results.

Surviving Breitbart minions are spending the day posting tributes to the fallen sweaty drunk: [cont’d.]

I think that last one is about bounced paychecks, which is not entirely surprising either.

Meanwhile, the rest of us can find solace and succor in the knowledge that, although Andrew Breitbart is gone, the lawsuits (and don’t forget this one) live on…

Bless his exploded heart.

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