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Foreign media and news once again is the emphasis I continue in recollection of Southern Dragon and this week perhaps the videos and links will all work for you.

Water shortages will again be the lead feature that we address first, and as in this country, growing drought stresses population in Africa and elsewhere.   In some areas of the southern continent, hydroelectric generation has been prevented as water levels aren’t up to needs determined long ago in estimates of prospects for the future that are now no longer viable.

The intense drought in the northeast of Kenya has already claimed several lives, the International Committee of the Red Cross says, and doctors say they fear that the number of people who die due to starvation could yet rise.

Tanzanian power outages

The drought has also forced Tanzania’s state-run power company to announce daily 12-hour electricity outages, as low water levels at hydropower dams and a shortage of fuel for thermal power generation have made it impossible for it to meet demand.

“The Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) regrets to inform its customers … that it has been forced to extend power rationing to all regions connected to the national grid, including Zanzibar,” the company said in a statement seen by the Reuters news agency on Saturday.

TANESCO said that water levels at the country’s main hydroelectric dams were almost below the minimum level required for generation.

The Europeans have chosen to end passing profits on to executives of their banks, as a needed preventive measure to keep from encouraging mismanagement.

European Union officials have struck a provisional deal on new financial rules, including capping bank bonuses.

Under the agreement, bonuses will be capped at a year’s salary, but can rise to two year’s pay if there is explicit approval from shareholders.

Entrepreneur Jin Zingmen offers 200,000n yuan ($32,082.60) for environmental official to swim twenty minutes in his polluted local river.

“If the environmental protection bureau chief dares to swim in [Ruian’s] river for 20 minutes, I will pay [him] 200,000 yuan [HK$246,000],” Jin wrote on Sina Weibo.

In three photos Jin posted, a river in small-town Ruian is seen entirely blocked by floating rubbish. Jin blamed a rubber overshoe factory for dumping industrial waste into the river.

This river was where villagers used to wash vegetables and clothes in his childhood, Jin told

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Italy rejected a failed austerity plan the autocrats seem to think can be foisted off on the public that’s already suffered economic disasters at their hands since 2008.

Three years of German-led austerity and budget cuts aimed at saving the euro and retooling the European economy was left facing one of its biggest challenges as Italian voters’ rejection of spending cuts and tax rises opened up a stark new fissure in European politics.

The governing stalemate in Rome and the vote in the general election – by a factor of three to two – against the austerity policies pursued byItaly‘s humiliated caretaker prime minister, Mario Monti, meant that the spending cuts and tax rises dictated by the eurozone would grind to a halt, risking a re-eruption of the euro crisis after six months of relative stability.

The Beeb (BBC) has its own sequester to promote, nothing like the silliness our Congress has blundered into – as its solution to maintaining the full faith and credit of our country.

Did you and the SO have plans for the next couple of years? and are you middle aged?   then Inspiration Mars Foundation has a great plan for you to take a trip.  An older couple is the Right Stuff for their as yet unfunded Mars outing, and back.

… conditions would be squeezed and spartan, with no room for pressurised space suits. The report suggests that 1,360kg of dehydrated food will be enough to last the journey and the manifest includes 28kg of toilet paper for a crew of 2 for 500 days.

But the issue of radiation protection according to Mr Ojha is “glossed over” with the recognition that more work and “creative solutions” need to be explored. More work will also need to done to improve recycling technologies to convert urine into water.

This may be a perfect lab for relationship testing, are you brave and very tolerant?

Brave New World for; Never.give.up.

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