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IA Sen: Steve King’s Path to the Senate Just Got a Lot Easier

Iowa’s Steve King

This has been a very good week for Rep. Steve King (R) who is currently seriously considering a run for the open Iowa senate seat next year.

Yesterday, Rep. Tom Latham (R) decided that he would not run for the Senate. Latham was widely viewed as one of the Republican Party’s best hopes for winning the seat in the general election and would have given King a very tough primary fight for the party’s nomination.

The news got even better for King today when Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds (R), another potential top-tier candidate, announced that she would not challenge King in the primary. Reynolds will only run if King decides not to. From the Washington Post:

A spokesman for Iowa Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said Thursday that she would not run against Rep. Steve King (R) in the Iowa Senate primary, but that she is considering running for the seat if King doesn’t.

“She’s on a trade mission to Vietnam and the Philippines right now, and will begin discussions on a U.S. Senate run when she returns,” said Reynolds spokesman Tim Albrecht. “She will speak with Congressman King as a part of those discussions. She and Congressman King have been friends for quite some time, and she would not enter a primary with him.”

It appears King would have a clear path to the GOP nomination, if he chooses to run. This is both good news for King and Democrats. King is a very conservative congressman who has a treasure trove of past actions and statements for a Democratic opposition research team to go through.

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Jon Walker

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