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called FL senators’ offices re brennan today

After I called Senator Nelson’s DC office, listened to his long (40-seconds) pre-recorded message prior to being put on hold, I hung up; and “ixquicked” Senator Nelson and Rubio’s nearest local office phone number and address. Both have Jacksonville offices so that is where I called a few minutes after noon. Both office assistants answered on the first or second ring. I identified myself, and they listened to my request-statement to their senator:

Please vote against Brennan’s confirmation. His direct involvement in torture under Bush and assassination under Obama demonstrates his complete lack of Christian values and total failure to uphold his oath to the Constitution of the United States and the values enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

I ended the call by stating that I would be sending a copy of my request to their office.

The postcards are ready mail with the preface: “confirming my phone message on Wednesday, 27 February 2013 @ 12.05p to Senator Nelson (Rubio): Please vote against Brennan’s CIA confirm ….. etc.” my signature, phone number (my address is on the face of the card)

If you are inclined to call or write your senators or reps, I highly recommend using their nearest local office. Remember the Maytag repairman? I strongly suspect that these assistants may be delighted to have something to report; and they probably have a direct number to call. Can you imagine the reaction if people started calling the local offices when the DC numbers are busy or unanswered?

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