CommunityMy FDL, lefty blog, having NYC meetup March 1, 7:30PM

Even though I’m not a member of correntewire, nor a lefty, I approve!

Corrente Big Apple Meetup, March 1, 7:30PM, Chinatown (please sign up)

[I’m going to sticky this because I think a lot of dishes would be fun. New York Correntians, are you out there? Adding: My hidden agenda is to get a reading on the direction of blogging and the blogosphere over the next year or so. I’ve been blogging for a long, long time (since 2003) and I’ve never felt disoriented… Until the last few months. Something in the zeitgeist is changing, but I don’t know what… Also, I’ve had some restaurant suggestions, but could use more. –lambert]

A Corrente meetup! Please sign up in comments to this post if you want to come, or send me Corrente mail (private, top menu, third from right. You will need a Corrente account to do that, but our private and spam free internal email system is also a great feature).

I’m arbitrarily picking 7:30PM to give me time to get down from my Occupy Data event at CUNY, which ends at 6:00PM, and give me time to get back to my crash pad in Brooklyn.

(emphasis mine)

Seems to me members of the FDL community could help lambert out….

The community has also been doing meetups; most of the groups have only been around a year or two, IIRC. See my diary Facilitating Local, Face-to-Face Meetups of ‘Kossacks’ (Bonus:’s impressive, localized activism and organization facilities)

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