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The President of Vice: The Autobiography of Joe Biden (The Onion)

We all know Vice President Joe Biden as the street smart, wisecracking, blue-collared right hand of President Barack Obama. We all know the well-worn public persona: the dedicated family man who spent four hours a day during his Senate tenure shlepping to and from Wilmington, Delaware to be with his offspring, instead of shacking up with a group of fellow politicos in a deluxe Georgetown brownstone, going home on alternate weekends to gladhand with campaign donors. And yes, we all know Joe Biden as the GILF fantasy of women from Bangor to Bangalore, and probably in Europe, too. He’s approachable, he’s funny, he’s smart, he drives a white Trans Am, and he’s dead sexy. He’s Joe Biden.

But there’s so much we didn’t know about the current Veep…until now. Thanks to Chad Nackers and Alex Blechman, two of his good friends at America’s newspaper of record, The Onion, Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr. (“Diamond” Joe to his friends) has agreed to tell it like it really was–and is–about his life, from relaxing in the bassinet his father made from an empty Schlitz case, to his carefree youth spent wooing the ladies and discovering new ways to achieve peak inebriation, to the mind-altering Summer of ’87, to knocking boots with Olympia Snowe at the top of the Washington Monument. The President of Vice isn’t just a political animal; he’s a party animal!

Not only does the Master Debater fondly recount tales of sexual prowess and his misadventures roadtripping across America (and Mexico) in this autobiography, but he also provides helpful lists, such as cocktail recipes that will knock you on your sorry ass, his favorite hair metal songs, and the best places in the D.C. area in which to make the beast with two backs. Anyhow, I don’t want to reveal too many of the sensa-million factoids laced throughout this memoir, so let’s get this party started with Chad and Alex, “Diamond” Joe’s emissaries here for today’s Book Salon.


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