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Pull Up Your Cat: Nagi Update

As most of you know, I’ve been lucky enough to adopt one of the late SouthernDragon’s kitties, a little black Manx named Nagi.

Just as SouthernDragon described him to us on Caturday, Nagi is a happy mix of love and mischief.  He has slept on my head like a hat, knocked dishes out of my kitchen cabinet, escaped the house through a tattered screen not once but twice, and generally fouled the domestic felicity of the two older resident cats, Abner and Gracie, with his kitten-like antics.



Nagi’s days are spent curled up directly under the heating vent in front of a big picture window overlooking the yard where birds, squirrels, and deer keep his interest along with the teasing spite of Abner enjoying the freedom of Outside.  At night, Nagi likes to sleep in bed under the covers with my arm securely around him, and if I don’t cuddle him just right, he’ll have no part of sleeping on the bed.


My two boys are crazy about Nagi, who they have renamed Shadow.  I figured SD wouldn’t mind that we renamed him, especially since Nagi is the Lakota word for shadow.   The older boy’s job is to exercise Nagi, either with the red dot or our homemade cat dancer.  The only problem is that the feather bits of the toy got eviscerated and all that’s left is a long white piece of elasticized string.  To Nagi, that seems to be the most interesting part, and he jumps around wildly chasing the tiny thread as my son drags the cat dancer through the house.


Abner and Gracie have been less welcoming.  I can’t say I blame them.  Nagi is a bundle of kitten energy compared to the older cats who just can’t seem to tolerate his high energy lifestyle.  We’ve had a lot of hissing and growling incidents, all of which are from the older cats directed at Nagi.  For his part, Nagi  deliberately annoys Abner by playfully chasing him around the house, but Abner loathes this game and usually takes a swing or two at Nagi to stop his fun.  Gracie avoids any and all contact with the unwelcome intruder.


Overall, Nagi’s integration into the cat family has been a lot more difficult than expected.  I’d like for everyone to get along without complaint, but we’ve got some work left to do.

How have you handled troubled cat relationships at your house?




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