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More left gatekeeping: Survey of lefty websites re “cold fusion” reminds me of survey of righty websites re “ALEC”

Note: for some links on recent developments in cold fusion, please see my last diary,
Cold Fusion Course at MIT Last Month; Enviros and Fossil Fuel Junkies BOTH pretend not to notice

“Controlling the public mind”, as Noam Chomsky has pointed out, involves framing debates, limiting them so that options undesired by the elite class get scant mention, or no mention, at all. And God forbid that taboo viewpoints get serious, detailed discussion.

It’s not enough to control Mainstream Media – some things need to be kept out of what’s called the “alternative media”. You need gatekeepers on the left, and also on the right, if you’re serious about duping the public, on a continual basis. Elites want “full spectrum dominance” of their preferred memes (including “loyal opposition”, veal pen compatible memes), and have been very successful at getting what they want.

On the ideologically right side of the spectrum, yours truly found out that ALEC is something that right wing talking heads do not talk about. From my diary Progressives are Stupid if they don’t seize their opportunity to educate their Republican neighbors:

Basically, there is no mention of ALEC as a suspicious entity, which betrays the public interest. ALEC is mostly just mentioned as the source of a quote. Moreover, it’s rarely mentioned at all (even in passing). Below are the hit counts: 2 hits 4 hits 4 hits

Only one of the links explained what ALEC is, in any detail, and this was by a member of the Hannity forum, on page 7 of a forum thread, not by Hannity or his staff.

As to the ideological left side of the specturm: The graph on this page, regarding funding flows, was originally at, which doesn’t exist any more (though the URL resolves to some unrelated website). Take a look, please.

Here’s the results of my lefty website survey, re “cold fusion”: (just 1 reference – a negative analogy only passing references as analogies; all seem negative (e.g.: “The Navy has a ways to go to make that laser into a useful weapon. At this rate, they’re sure to have it before cold fusion invented.”) Many hits (I didn’t check front-pager vs. community contributor) 0 hits apparently 1 main hit at ; numerous links back to this page by listings, such as this 3 hits, none substantial; 2 were from commenters; only 1 – a comment – was positive: “As for solar and wind power, if we had spent as much effort and money on those technologies, as well as geothermal power, energy saving technologies, even cold fusion for that matter, we’d be doing just fine.”

Honorable mention goes to dailykos – please remember that next time you’re tempted to bad mouth it as totally without redeeming social value. In spite of it’s considerable warts, it’s at least allowing un-elitist memes to be presented.

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