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Afghanistan vaults past US on civil liberties and human rights! It comes to this!

It was bad enough a month or so ago when a conflict roiled Afghan-US relations over the release by our clients of thousands of detainees who had been cleared of any wrongdoing by the local judiciary.

At the time, the embarassing formulation of the simple precept that due process matters for good reasons, brought me to my knees in shame at my government, and the peace laureate for whose continuation as president I had just recently (if reluctantly) been laboring.

Already, much earlier in the Obama presidency, his ancestral home of Kenya had achieved a level of citizen redress apparently unimaginable here in the land of the free.

That was bad enough.

Now, even as we shudder before the spectacle of high level nominees shucking and jiving around the issue of presidentially sanctioned citizen murder, here is Hamid Karzai, virtually a punchline ("Karzai Talk") for corruption based comedy, stepping up to declare "No mas" to ISAF air strikes being called in by the Afghan army to support their ground troops battling (alleged) Taliban.

Incineration of the innocent-increasingly isolating ISAF amongst the war lovers of the world.

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