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The foreign media and news our late friend, Southern Dragon, kept bringing to our attention has yet another scary story about water loss.   In the Middle East, whole rivers are being lost.

Pictures taken by NASA satellites reveal an alarming loss of freshwater in the Middle East.

Two important rivers are disappearing, and if they vanish millions of people will be affected.

The UN has begun promotion of solar power on the continent of Africa for a multitude of reasons that benefits occur.

Nigeria could save US$1.4 billion a year and avoid using 17.3 million barrels of crude oil if it used modern off-grid lighting solutions.

That’s one finding of a new UN study into lighting in Africa, a continent that relies heavily on kerosene, candles and batteries to light homes.

In West Africa alone, 76% of the population lacks access to electricity and spends up to 20% of the household budget on kerosene for lighting.

Not only do these practices release huge levels of carbon emissions, they also contribute to lung complaints and are huge polluters across the continent.

China’s cyberattacks gained a new level of recognition requiring U.S. response.

THE US is planning tough new laws to combat China’s rampant internet hacking, despite angry denials from Beijing that its powerful army is responsible for hundreds of covert cyber attacks.

An explosive report from Mandiant, a US internet security firm, revealed on Tuesday that China’s People’s Liberation Army operates a secret division employing thousands of people in Shanghai to break into government and corporate computer networks around the world.

It was claimed that China had hacked at least 140 organisations in the past six years, through an intricate network, to steal official secrets and data of potential rival firms and governments.

Financing micro-enterprise gains more attention and support as the need for new economic success for workers grows in urgency and importance.

A Ghanaian start-up planning to popularise crowdfunding in Africa has been selected as one of the winners of this year’s Apps4Africa competition.

SliceBiz plans to develop a service that will deliver 30-second pitches recorded by entrepreneurs to potential backers over the phone.


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