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Obama Golfed With Oil Lobby During Keystone Pipeline Protest

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From the roundup. It seems while environmentalists were getting arrested at the White House for protesting against the building of the Keystone Pipeline President Obama was golfing with two prominent oil and gas businessmen.

On the same weekend that 40,000 people gathered on the Mall in Washington to protest construction of the Keystone Pipeline — to its critics, a monument to carbon-based folly — President Obama was golfing in Florida with a pair of Texans who are key oil, gas and pipeline players…

[O]n his first “guys weekend” away since he was reelected, the president chose to spend his free time with Jim Crane and Milton Carroll, leading figures in the Texas oil and gas industry, along with other men who run companies that deal in the same kinds of carbon-based services that Keystone would enlarge. They hit the links at the Floridian Yacht and Golf Club, which is owned by Crane and located on the Treasure Coast in Palm City, Fla.

One of Obama’s golfing buddies is not only deeply tied into the oil and gas industry but has a litany of interests at stake in government decisions –  the man who owns the resort that hosted Obama for the weekend, Jim Crane. Crane has extensive ties to the petroleum industry, the defense industry, and has been the subject of a serious racial discrimination suit by the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (EEOC). Those must have been some interesting discussions at the clubhouse.

The optics are bad, but the truth is worse. President Obama has been an abject failure on Climate Change, his presidency has been worthless in the fight at reducing the amount of carbon emissions being pumped into the atmosphere. Obama’s Climate Change record is, like many areas of his presidency, a continuation of Bush policies with a few more platitudes thrown in.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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