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A Tri-Cornered Sombrero Is A Very Hard Thing To Find

Now that the Tea Party has taken on a Latin Lover (Sr. Ted Cruz who is muy suave) they have come to the realization that they need some additional compañeros of the mochachino hue to help reanimate the old white dude Tea Party corpse, and you know what that means?

Road trip!

The Tea Party group that sponsored a prime-time response last week to President Obama’s State of the Union address is the latest group recognizing the power of the Latino vote.

Officials with the Tea Party Express, the nation’s largest Tea Party political action committee, have been discussing their own Latino outreach, said Sal Russo, the group’s co-founder.

“We’ve been trying to do a bus tour that would focus on communities that we don’t normally talk to,” Russo said.


Tea Party members say Latinos, and other minorities, are as critical to their future as the Republicans are finding they are to the future of their party.

“The bus tour is the iconic symbol of the Tea Party,” Russo said. “When we’ve gone to some states, like Texas, we’ve had good Hispanic participation. We’re trying to do a [national] bus tour that would be more directed that way.”

“We want to try to get our email communication and our website in Spanish,” Russo said. “The Tea Party movement has been successful using social media – emails, Twitter, Facebook. That’s how people found out about us. We have to communicate directly”

Yeah, about the talky-talk-talk stuff in that crazy moon-man Mexican gibberish with its upside down questions marks and exclamation points and ai-ai-aiing …:

Not all Republicans and conservatives are on board with the efforts to court Latinos, particularly when it involves relying on Spanish.

Some the most conservative Republicans in the House, for instance, see it as pandering.

In an interview with the National Journal, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, said he is opposed to trying to reach out to Latinos in Spanish.

“There’s a conflicting message that comes out from the Republicans if we want to recognize the unifying power of English, and meanwhile, we send out communications in multiple languages,” said King, who has one of the most hard-line approaches to immigration. “Official business and documents needs to be in English.”

¡Ay dios mío! This is going to make it, as the Tea Partiers will undoubtedly say in a very loud voice so that they will be understood: “mucho hard-o” to get down with the Browns, but you know, I think they’ve turned the corner on this whole racism thing so what could possibly go wrong?

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