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War Criminals for Marriage Equality

You take your allies where you can find them, I learned again this weekend when Don Rumsfeld, Princeton wrestler and Navy wrestler, OpEdded in the Washington Post in favor of continuing wrestling as an Olympic sport. I didn’t like seeing him rehabilitating himself through the Olympic movement, but the WaPo editorial board has such low standards for contributors, I figured Rummy’s own rueful advice about his Army applied: “You go to wrestle with the OpEdders you have—not the OpEdders you might want or wish to have at a later time.”

Wrestling I love; marriage equality I must have, though.

And the American Foundation for Equal Rights, in an attempt to show how embroadened is the support for marriage equality in America, has joined a Coalition, the Respect for Marriage Coalition. They have made an ad that includes marriage equality support from Laura Bush (okay, people admired her more than Hillary in 2001) and Barack Obama (yes, we hope he’s busy getting his Frenemy of the Court brief ready to send down the street to SCOTUS, the deadline is 2/28) but….

These other guys, ahem.

Also included and opining on marriage equality are two individuals who don’t add to the debate. They don’t represent the mainstream of American opinion. They are, in fact, war criminals. Colin Powell and Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney, key members of the Bush Administration who lied us into the War On Iraq, are folks I don’t want on my side.

I don’t care if these two people think marriage equality is a good idea. Their other “good ideas” weren’t good ideas. We — and by “we” I mean any Americans with a lick of sense — should not be holding them up as thought leaders in America. These men, in a just world, should be preparing their war crimes defense full-time at The Hague with their attorneys, not popping off with their opinion that I should be allowed to marry.

And I don’t think any Americans will watch this ad and decide, “Gee, Dick Cheney thinks it’s a good idea, I guess it’s the right thing to do.”

I don’t care what they think. I want them both shunned. They should be removed from public view. They should certainly not be put forward as part of the growing American consensus on marriage equality. The American Foundation for Equal Rights, despite all their good work, has erred in joining with the Respect for Marriage Coalition in promoting this ad. No one is a bigger fan than AFER: I live-blogged that court case every single day. I have supported AFER with wee pittances now and then, really wee.

This ad must be reworked to exclude war criminals Colin Powell and Dick Cheney. They don’t represent the mainstream of American thought on any topic, and the blot on their records means they are not entitled to join our American majority bandwagon for marriage. Find some other GOPs, if you must, who are not war criminals.

Please, AFER and the Coalition, rethink this ad.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge