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Take a shot at writing a movie!

I stumbled on this story, reading today’s Times and I immediately thought it would make a wonderful film… Take a look at the following snippet:

A Dazzling Priest’s Lurid Fall, to Drug Case Suspect – New York Times
From the time he joined the priesthood three decades ago, he seemed destined to become a star. As a confidant to two bishops and then as the erudite and clubbable pastor of two churches, Msgr. Kevin Wallin was a towering figure in the Roman Catholic Church in southwestern Connecticut. Parishioners felt buoyed by his homilies. They hungrily signed up for his far-flung spiritual pilgrimages, flocked to church fund-raisers to catch his melodious voice interpreting show tunes. He attended opera with a man who would become a cardinal and he himself appeared bound for a bishop’s miter. But then about two years ago troubling questions began to be whispered. He acted odd. He was thinner. He walked stooped over. He was absent. Was he sick? Or dying? And then the spicy talk about suspicious men trooping in and out of the rectory. Finally, last month’s revelation. The priest was locked up, charged with dealing crystal methamphetamine. At a time when priests from California to Delaware have been accused of loathsome deeds, the allegations against Monsignor Wallin, the former pastor of the Cathedral of St. Augustine in Bridgeport, are of a notably different dimension: that he was a drug dealer and addict who was buying an adult novelty shop to launder ill-gotten proceeds, a priest who was cross-dressing and having sex with men. (Read More)

The problem that came to my mind immediately was the following… Should the film be a tragedy? A comedy? A tragicomedy?

Who should direct it? Michael Haneke?  Terry Gilliam?  Stephen Spielberg?  The Coen brothers? Or David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker?

Who would you cast as Father Wallin? Matt Damon?  Ryan Gosling?  Michael Bublé?  Or Peewee Herman?

I really would love readers to riff on this one!

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David Seaton

David Seaton