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MT Sen: Schweitzer Touts Primary Poll Against Baucus

Brian Schweitzer

Former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

Former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer could potentially unseat Senator Max Baucus in a Democratic primary according to a Public Policy Polling survey. The poll found that if Schweitzer decided to run for Senate next year he would start with 54 percent of the primary vote, compared to only 35 percent for Baucus.

A poll about a theoretical race that is more than a year away is normally not particularly newsworthy, but soon after the poll was released it was posted on Schweitzer’s Facebook page. Rumors are that Schweitzer has been considering a primary and this is a very public indication that he is thinking about it. This is a real shot across the bow.

On a host of issues Schweitzer is more progressive than Baucus and also more generally popular in the state. Schweitzer has a strong favorable rating and PPP also found that Schweitzer currently polls better than Baucus against many of the potential Republican candidates.

If Schweitzer did challenge Baucus it would likely be one of the most important Democratic primaries of 2014.

Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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