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The Other Half of Hubris Isn’t the Half of It

Purity. LOL
I guess that’s about right.
This show expose ground-breaking re-run reeks so badly of a PR stunt by the Obama administration that it smells like PURE bullshit.

Mainstream news media no longer has any credibility. They have shown themselves to be tools of whatever message the Pentagon wants to put out. That’s why the latest fear campaign is internet vulnerability. Once people are afraid to talk here, ALL we’ll have is muted, stale, token reports to go by. That’s why hacks like Rachel have to at least appear to be progressive champions…five years too late and a trove of wikileaks documents too short.

When I wrote the above in a reply the other day after being accused of purity for criticizing Rachel Maddow’s “Hubris” report, I had no idea Glenn Greenwald was going to write this today.

From the article: Finally, American citizens will now be able to hear what journalism has for too long so vindictively denied them: a vibrant debate between Gibbs and Axelrod on how great Obama really is.

What’s he talking about? MSNBC has hired both Robert Gibbs AND David Axelrod to work in the company of the great, progressive, Rachel Maddow-Newly Unchained With Her Leash Payed Out Just-so. 

Lookout! We’re going to get to the bottom of a lot of stuff here folks…well, at least we’ll get to the bottom of some barrel. Rachel’s new lead-in should be “Where Hard-Hitting Journalism, and Liberal Populism come together to Move the Needle of Political Discourse in the Appropriate Direction.” 

I can’t wait for MSNBC to tell us about how Anonymous supposedly fingered the Chinese for hacking our infrastructure. The really great thing about reporting something about Anonymous is one can say with a straight face, the source was Anonymous. Who’s going to deny it, some Anonymous person? How convenient!

Ever feel like Jon Lovitz is writing this shit? Yeah, That’s the ticket.

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