Not Fade Away

I’m-a gonna tell you how it’s gonna be – Charles Hardin Holley

So anyway…

About a week ago I informed my lovely hostess, Jane Hamsher, that I was going to pull the plug on this Popsicle stand (AKA “pulling a billmon” although I have never come close to approaching his genius) because my real life world has become a demanding (yet loveable!) bitch, and it was all I could do to come home at night and flop on the couch and watch Law & Order SVU reruns   ( Hargitay, holla!). It was a late night email and it was probably the Pellegrino talking, but also exhaustion. Too be honest it’s a lot easier to whip out a 140-character twittertwat than it is to think up a new nickname for the conservative heartthrob du jour.  So, yeah, equal parts lazy and ennui are contributing factors too.

Jane, at her most winsome, used her considerable wiles to convince me to keep plugging along BECAUSE AMERICA NEEDS ME! and, also too ‘bassets’ … or words to that effect. So we’ve agreed that I will continue to blog, but at a lesser pace, as in: “less than I was doing around election time, and more than the past week”. We’ve had this conversation before and, as I told Jane, one of these days she’s just going to say “Jesus! Just go already, you big baby whiner”. But not this time.

So this is my way of telling the kids (that would be you guys) that “mommy and daddy still love each other very much and we are staying together for your sake”.  Yeah, yer welcome.

Therefore  intermittent blogging is the new order of the day, but you can still expect the same detailed policy discussions, high quality analysis, and  “Q.E.D. Case closed. In your face. Suck it” conclusions that you have come to know and love starting up again this week.

Just not tonight, because there is a really good SVU on; the one that starts with a couple  just walking along before finding a battered woman’s body in an alley/behind a dumpster/in an abandoned office/in Central Park/in Joe Scarborough’s office.

Yeah that one.

In the meantime, here is the L&T Casey in New York’s Winter Wonderland as photographed by one of her little east coast elitist college friends.

Snow: it’s like, really really cold water.

Or so I have heard…


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