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Good Morning!

International Developments

? A Sunni group, reportedly with al-Qaeda and Taliban links, claims responsibility for a bomb attack in Quetta, a Shia community in west Pakistan.  80 dead, at least 180 wounded.

? An al-Qaeda-linked Sunni group is suspected of multiple car bombs in Baghdad’s Shiite neighborhoods.   At least 26 are dead.

? “Seven foreign workers [Greek, Lebanese, Italian, British] have been seized and a security guard shot dead by gunmen who attacked a construction company site in northern Nigeria”.

? Elections in Mali,  July 7th.

? Buddhist statues for sale confiscated  in Tehran.

? Fighting around the international airport in Aleppo, Syria, at least 150 people killed.  Update: Rebels seized Syrian army “checkpoints near Nayrab military airport” in Aleppo, Deir Ezzor and in Hama province.

? “Yemen: UN warns ex leaders [Ali Abdullah Saleh and Ali Salim al-Beidh] of sanctions if they meddle . . . in the country’s democratic transition.

? “A top commander of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps [Gen. Hassan Shateri], who was killed in Syria and buried in Iran on Friday, actually died in Israel’s attack on a Syrian military compound in late January, according to a faction of Syrian rebels.”  Strange.

? “Egypt will arm low ranking policemen with pistols . . . after . . .  protests demanding weapons and better work conditions amid a spike in violent crime.”

? “Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina [has] indicated . . . she would back a ban on the country’s largest Islamist party, as tens of thousands of people joined in the funeral of an anti-Islamist blogger.”

International Finance

? “UK Chancellor George Osborne and his French and German counterparts are to call for global tax rules to clamp down on corporate tax avoidance.”

France’a national auditor is calling for “big cuts in public spending”.

? Krugman:   “On both sides of the Atlantic, the austerians seem to be freaking out.  And that has to be good news, an indication that they realize . . . that they’re losing the debate.”

? Around “5,000 . . . marched in Lisbon [Portugal] and . . . tens of thousands rallied in about 20 cities across the country” to protest Austerity.  “Thousands of people demonstrated in Spanish cities . . . pushing for a new law to end a wave of evictions of homeowners ruined by the economic crisis.”

? Germany’s Employment Minister is investigating those claims about the plight of workers employed by Amazon in Hesse–including their being constantly watched and their rooms searched by far-right thugs.

? “How HSBC hooked up with drug traffickers and terrorists.  And got away with it.”

Money Matters USA

? Social Security is becoming stingier.  401(k) plans help, but they’re skewed:  Get a $7,000 federal subsidy if you  contribute 15% of your $200,000/year salary to a retirement account.  Get nothing if you contribute 15% of your $20,000/year wage.  Austerity’s handmaidens, such as Simpson and Bowles, argue for changes that will hurt older Americans even more. [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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