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Good morning cat people and animal lovers of all flavors. Welcome to your weekly Pull Up Your Cat. Pull up your cat and feel free to join in and share stories or pictures with us.

It was a quiet and very routine week at Kuroneko’s home and for that, I’m grateful at least, although I’m not sure it can be called “routine” when the routine around here lately has been some minor crisis or another. Maybe uneventful would be a better word. I seem to have healed up and after a lot of intense itching, I feel more or less normal again. Kuroneko hates changes so she seems to be glad out of the ordinary things skipped us this week. The only thing really to report is that my method of letting her snuggle in the laundry while mopping worked like a charm again yesterday and she didn’t once follow me around from the counter. In fact, she seemed to be much braver around the vacuum and didn’t attack it once! Maybe fresh laundry has a soothing affect on her.

On to our pictures:
2172013 001
Kuroneko picture of the week: ‘Neko the covers hog! How much do you really need, silly cat?
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Kuroneko has one of these wind up mousies but her reaction to it is even more ho-hum than the cat in the background of this picture. She ignores it entirely. Oh well, at least someone enjoys them. via Cute Overload.

Our video of the week is a long one and it’s got a laugh track, which I’m not sure about yet but it’s got some classics along with a lot of new material.

That’s it for this week. I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead but whatever you have going this week, please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals selflessly share their lives with you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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