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What Does the “Left” Actually Want?

The fairy tales of Charles Perrault

We already know what the right wants.  They have been quite clear about that.

They want to be able to rape and pillage and steal in the manner of Ivan The Terrible, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Al Capone and General Franco. With an army of hoods, thugs, enforcers and henchmen to protect them and put down any resistance.

But what is that the left wants ?

Well I am going to take a guess here based on what I have read and heard of the the last 20 years or so.

Capitalism without the greed, corruption,  fraud, inhumanity, brutality, heartlessness and arrogance. All the traits that define capitalism.  

The trust busting of Teddy Roosevelt, the social programs of FDR,  the space programs of JFK, civil rights of LBJ, energy and ecological policies of Carter and technical savvy of Clinton.   But with out all that nasty militarism and corporatism and imperialism.

A congress that listens to people with no money more that those with all the money.   That put’s each member’s personal desires aside for the good of the citizens.

Business that puts the welfare of the workers and consumers and the planet ahead of any personal gain.

A society that is educated, informed, astute and involved. One that treats everyone equally. (More or less)

And economy that is just and fair and based on the needs of the people as a whole. Regards the planet and all its life as sacred.

Where The Lone Ranger, The Cisco Kid and Roy Rogers come galloping into town and “Clean it up” with little or no violence and certainly no bloodshed.

This list is obviously a fantasy and exits only in the minds of those who believe in such things or are on some kind of drugs since it ain’t no way gonna happen in reality.   A list of contradictions and incongruities.

In other words a world that is as unlikely to materialize for the left as much as for the right. Not and keep the current system/government/economy intact.

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