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Late Night: Shine On, Shine On, Shine On, and Fluffy White Couch Dogs

PW here, subbing for Chris on this fine Friday evening.

Got some Fluffy White Couch Dogs up top, and some fine tunes below. Well, actually, it’s the same tune, just done by three different bands.

The tune in question: Pink Floyd’s “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

As many if not most of you probably know, it’s about Syd Barrett, and it’s a tune which Syd actually got to see his former bandmates record when he walked into the studio unannounced after having dropped out of sight for two years. (He was so changed, and not for the better, that Roger Waters apparently broke into tears.)

Here’s Christy Moore’s and Declan Sinnott’s take:

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Here’s a version by Emmerson Nogueira:

And here’s the most famous chunk (Parts I-III) of the original:

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So who are the Crazy Diamonds in your lives?

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