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“Burn that f***er down” isn’t obvious enough?

We also hear, on that KCAL recording of police audio, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officer saying/shouting, “Burn [unintelligible] out. … Burn it down. … Burn that motherf**ker.” And then there is a second audio, that you can find at the Guardian, where (presumably) a Sheriff’s Department officer states, “We’re going to go forward with the plan, with the burn … the one that … like we talked about.” Two audios, both pretty clearly authentic, and both indicating the obvious, that the police deliberately set fire to the cabin that Chris Dorner was holed up in.

So why is this the headline everywhere — EVERYWHERE — at the top of mainstream news:

Sheriff: Cabin fire wasn’t intentional

We have very solid evidence that that’s ridiculous. The police more than anyone else know it. The host of that KCAL recording is a police insiders’ site, and almost all the comments below the recording article are like the following:

Posted by choihonghi on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 11:40 PM Pacific
Even if they had really meant burn it down it would have still been a reasonable response as he was trying to kill people.If you start it on fire he will either have to come out or die. Either scenario would be good. If he stayed inside, he would die. Problem solved. If he came out he would either surrender or be shot. Either way problem solved.

Posted by ralicea1 on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 08:12 PM Pacific
If the only way to stop that threat is to burn the cabin down so be it … rather that then another blue getting hurt by the POS.

Another poster responds to such posts:

Posted by RealOscar on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 09:12 PM Pacific
I am amazed by the comments on here. “No reason why the tear gas would set the place afire”, “POS”, “Can’t we scramble our signals?” and “doesn’t matter if they burned him (to death)”. If we want the law enforcement profession to be valued, then we need to act professional, know our duties and limitations and always be above and beyond reproach. Know your equipment and its risks. …

RealOscar is vastly outnumbered among the cops and cop-friendlies at that site, and that’s very sad. But what can we expect these days? Where is support in the mainstream for him and his type of ‘normal’ (to my way of thinking) policing, the kind that doesn’t kill people unnecessarily? Nowhere in the USA. For example, will a single Repub/Dem politician question or condemn the “burn the f**ker down” approach? No, ‘our leaders’ won’t. In fact they and their media will do their best to blackhole the obvious truth, and they’ll top that off by condemning reality speakers with “support the police” rants and claims that those who can hear police audio are ‘conspiracy theorists’.

Other great myfiredoglake diaries and comment threads on the police and Dorner are here and here. Other good links at this Atlantic live blog.

Just for the record, Chris Dorner was a horrible excuse for a justice seeker. Not someone to emulate or respect.

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