Well, it’s that time of the year again.  We get to listen to a right-of-center Democrat speak, followed by a Tea Party Senator delivering a GOP rebuttal, followed by yet another Tea Party Senator delivering a Tea Party rebuttal.  So, kinda like the Sunday talk shows.

Jon Walker has read the tea leaves guest list and predicts an emphasis on immigration, gun control and health care, but that’s probably just because White House staff couldn’t find anyone with a heartwarming we-need-to-cut-Social-Security-in-order-to-protect-it story.  Also jobs and troop withdrawals, yay.

Oh, and there may also be split-screen coverage for those who can’t make up their minds whether they’d rather watch a State Of The Union address or an insane fiery standoff with a killer cop.  Should do subliminal wonders for the far right’s Obama-is-a-scary-black-man narrative.  I’m kinda hoping that maybe next year we can just scrap this whole format completely, and replace it with the Google+ Hangout Of The Union, or maybe the Reddit AMA Of The Union.