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From Native Americans and Chicanos……SOTU Speech


From Native Americans & Chicanos:  Applying the Old-Fashioned “Yardstick” To President Obama’s State of the Union Speech*

On Tuesday, we will be hearing much of what President Obama anticipates regarding the national issues he will pursue for the next year, and thusly, we, here in the Sonoran Desert, do not expect much to occur for this duration, given that the Conservative Republicans and the “camouflaged” Conservative Democrats, are both residing on the Center Right. Consequently, the continued political agenda that is premised on the current “nullification” battle as practiced with a 19th century behavior, will not bring Progress forward where “escaping poverty” and to achieving the American Dream, matters not to America’s conservatives.

And here is our “yardstick” and which incorporates President Obama’s expected Legacy for his Era of Squandered Opportunities.

1. Jobs. President Obama must issue an Executive Order to the Federal Reserve System in which the Federal Reserve System must implement, in full force, the second element of its Charter and that being Full Employment.
2. More Jobs. Same as above. In the event that the Federal Reserve System does not respond affirmatively and effectively, President Obama is required to terminate the employment of all Members of this Governing Board.
3. Rescind the Authority to Use Force. After ten years of War, it’s now time to bring home all our men and women wearing our national uniform. Further, both Chambers of Congress must conduct a comprehensive appraisal of the Patriot Act and done in a manner where considerable transparency is available and beneficial to the general populace.
4. Restructure our National Debt. President Obama must craft a “national debt obligation” Instrument and transfer said financial instrument into a non-bearing interest account at the Federal Reserve System. Subsequently, Congress and the White House must approve and sign-off on a “Pay-Down the Principle” and scheduled with an annual appropriation in the amount of $500 billion annually for the next 32 years. When this effort is concretized, today’sAmerica will effectively demonstrate that within the next 30 years, the minority-majority will not have to ‘maintain and manage’ ourAmerica under the regimen thatAmerica will be conceptually and virtually bankrupt and to the tune of $28 to $32 trillion of indebtedness.
5. Establish Civilian Review Boards to oversee all law enforcement agencies, both at the national, state and local levels and done in order to insure that our Elected and Appointed Officials are carrying out their daily responsibilities and duties in a uniform and consistent manner.
6. Electoral Reform and led by theBrennanCenter.
7. President Obama must publicly call for the resignations of Justices Roberts, Alito, Scalia, Kennedy and Thomas.
8. Establish and implement the Academic-Military Draft.
9. Immigration Reform that implements “citizenship acquisition” in a timely manner and prohibits the implementation of the newer and ever-infamous version of the Bracero Program that is much desired by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
10. Climate Change: To wit, the Hopi Prophecy of “When the earth is dying there shall arise a new tribe of colors and all creeds. This tribe shall be called The Warriors of the Rainbow and it will put its faith in actions and not words,” must be readily addressed.



*Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization.





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