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Drone Wars Theme Song–The Road to Dystopia!

  • With apologies to Bob and Bing…
  • Okay, guys, time to prove just HOW OLD I AM again:

    To the tune of “The Road to Morocco”. Dystopia is pronounced Dis-TOPE-ya for the purposes of the song.
    For those of you who are too young to have ever heard it, watch this Youtube video to get the tune:

    We’re off on the Road to Dystopia!
    Pushbuttons do not hurt our spines!
    Where they’re goin’, where we’re goin’, how can we be sure?
    Just keep on believing that our motives aren’t impure!

    We’re off on the Road to Dystopia!
    Watch out! There’s no end to the line!
    I hear our target’s where they do the dance of the seven veils,
    They won’t be doing it too long with rockets on their tails!

    We certainly do get around!
    Like endless wars in Orwell,
    We’re Dystopia Bound!

    We’re off on the Road to Dystopia!
    Look out! Well, clear the way, ‘cuz HERE WE COME!
    As long as they’re shot over there, we haven’t any cares!
    We hope our next-door neighbors don’t say five-fold daily prayers!

    We’re off on the Road to Dystopia!
    Thinking just makes us go numb!
    They told us they would never shoot them off on US soil.
    Our government would never sell us second-rate SNAKE OIL!

    We certainly do get around!
    Like a Jimmy Cameron movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, we’re Dystopia Bound.
    Or a comic book by Alan Moore that’s made into a superbudget movie that gets everybody wearing Guy Fawkes masks,

    No cartoon next Monday because *drumroll* this coming weekend I will be in Artist Alley at Katsucon 19, at the Gaylord in National Harbor, MD, so if you’re there, stop by and say hi–and perhaps buy a signed print or two. For those of you who CAN’T make it, go over to my Facebook fanpage and click on the LIKE button to get updates on this blog and on my other art that’s available at the conventions.

    See you then. Intravenous Caffeine will be back in two weeks.

    YESYESYES–I admit it–I was lipsyncing!!!
    Greg Uchrin is a satirist, cartoonist and professional cynic in Alexandria VA. This diary is cross-posted to his blog Intravenous Caffeine, the post-Bush era successor to HAIL DUBYUS.



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