The Groom Is Still Waiting At The Altar

K-Lo has a few suggestions regarding marriage:

This might be on your mind already because Valentine’s Day is this week, but here’s an action item: Invite a married couple to drop their kids off for the night some night, invite some single men and women from work or church to dinner with some others for dinner. Do something to support marriage, to make it plausible

There’s no magic pill to building a marriage culture. But a piece (see more on this on NRO) in the New York Times Sunday is a reminder that it is a rough, tough, wild world out there where old assumptions are no longer assumed, where people are feeling the need to reinvent the wheel, when all they really need is to know they really can drive the most reliable car in the world.

We need to teach marriage. We need to live marriage. We need to support marriage. We need to help clear roads to marriage. Each one of us plays a role in rebuilding a marriage culture.

Kathryn Jean Lopez is a God-stalking thirty-seven year-old never-been-married woman who makes Mother Teresa look like the poster girl for the hook-up culture. Speaking for myself and my relatively successful thirty year-old marriage, and on behalf of all of the others who have managed to tie the matrimonial knot without the steadying hand of well-meaning busybodies and their imaginary Sky Husbands: …. shut the fuck up and tend to your own lady garden.

Seriously. We got this…

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