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Pull Up Your Cat

Happy Sunday cat servants. Welcome to another Pull Up Your Cat. Sorry I was out sick last week but I was under doctor’s orders to spend most of my time lying down. I’d like to thank tejanarusa for filling in for me. But I’m back so please feel free to pull up your cat and share some cat stories with us.

I have a routine that on Saturday, I do my cleaning up around here. I start with laundry and surfaces and then work my way down to floors. Usually I wait until the kitchen floor is dry again before I pull the laundry out of the dryer put it in a heap on the bed for folding and etc. This is Kuroneko’s favorite time, since she loves to burrow into warm, clean laundry. When it cools, I can then fold it and usually get her to help me make the bed.

The issue is that while mopping, Neko knows that I’m about to pull out the vacuum cleaner and she loathes the vacuum! She bats it and hisses at it and hides from it, snarling. But since mopping always immediately precedes vacuuming, she picks that time to love on me and try to cajole me into not pulling it out of the closet it lives in. This has led to some near misses over the years. On more than one occasion, she has tried to rub against me while loving on me while I’m mopping. Since the floor is wet, she tries to do it from the top of the counter. Sometimes she strays too close to the edge and loses her purchase and slips. I’ve managed to catch her when that happens but it’s pretty clear that one of these days she might wind up in the mop bucket. I use mild cleaners but that could be really bad!

Yesterday, I hit on a solution. I piled all of the laundry up on the bed before I pulled out the mop and bucket and she promptly burrowed in. I then was able to mop without fear of her winding up in the bucket. After I was finished mopping, I then folded the clothes and made the bed before I vacuumed, so as to avoid her beginning to associate something she enjoys with something she is so terrified of. I hope this is a lasting solution. I don’t want a mopwater soaked kitteh.

Kuroneko picture of the week: Kuroneko eyes the mopwater after nearly falling into it for the umpteenth time
Obligatory cute kitten picture of the week: Look into my eyes…You WILL release me from this cone of shame… via cute overload.

What could be better than Van Halen with cats? Please enjoy both!

That’s it for another week. I hope everybody has a wonderful week ahead and I sincerely hope that nobody lost an animal loved one in the great blizzard of 2013! (Are we calling it Nemo? Seems a funny name for a blizzard but hey, I guess if somebody wants to name a Nor’easter after a fictional, psychotic submarine captain, who am I to argue?) Please remember to set aside some time to spend with whatever animals share their lives with you.



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