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What SYRIZA is to Greece, the United Front Against Austerity is attempting to be in the US

United Front Against Austerity

I recently discovered a very interesting commentator named Brandon Turbeville, who, like myself, is not a predictable lefty or righty, has similar notions about the plutocracy, and who is trying to point the way to intelligent organizing and action, which can change things in the real world. (You know, as opposed to just documenting what is wrong, discussing it endlessly, all while continuing to circle down the drain.)

He wrote an article in December of 2012, called “It’s Time for the Aware to Take Action”

Thankfully, this model has already begun to appear in at least two locations across the world with at least some degree of success. The first, the Syriza party of Greece, represents a grouping of political parties, activist organizations, unions, and other arrangements that alone counted for nothing in terms of political clout. When united under a common front – the Syriza party – these organizations were able to accumulate over 40% of the vote in the first election campaign. (sic) exhibited several necessary ingredients to the formation of a successful coalition, most notably that of a program that spelled out the steps and requirements to end austerity measures in Greece and repair the damage done to the Greek economy by the banker-dominated government at home and in Brussels.


Fortunately, there are some who have learned the lessons of Syriza here in the United States and, as a result, a coalition has been organized and developed within our own borders. Based on the Syriza model, the United Front Against Austerity (UFAA) has itself constructed a set of demands and a program of political solutions. The UFAA is currently working to agitate alongside a variety of organizations that have themselves been splintered by stealthy politics and propaganda on the part of the oligarchy. The UFAA is attempting to build its own base and circle of influence.

The UFAA’s program is one that stands against austerity measures and the cutting and gutting of the social safety net. It is one which exhibits the best aspects of the New Deal, while drastically improving upon the economic rejuvenation features of that historical program. The program also demands Medicare For All, the de-militarization of police, the restoration of civil liberties to the American people, an end to foreign wars, and a more enlightened approach to health and medicine that includes holistic and alternative methods.

Looks like UFAA has only been around since August of 2012, judging by their Facebook timeline. Thus, it makes sense not to be too pessimistic about their small number of groups (about 7) – yet. 🙂

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