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Sean Eldridge, Husband of Facebook’s Chris Hughes, to Run for Congress in NY-19

Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge

Sean Eldridge, the 26 year-old husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, has filed paperwork to run as a Democratic candidate in New York’s 19th district, currently represented by two-term Republican incumbent Chris Gibson.

The 29th was formerly represented by Democrat John Hall, who was defeated by Republican Nan Hayworth in 2010. After redistricting in 2012, Hayworth ran in the new 18th District and lost to Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, the state’s first gay congressman. Gibson entered Congress in 2010 by defeating Democrat Scott Murphy in NY-20, and was redistricted to NY-19 in 2012.

Although Barack Obama won the district 52% to 46% in 2012, Gibson defeated his Democratic opponent Julian Schreibman 53%-47%.

Eldridge is an investor and founder of Hudson River Ventures LLC. He helped organize Students for Barack Obama in 2007, joined Freedom to Marry in 2010. He has been spreading money liberally around Democratic circles for the past two years, including over $40,000 to the DCCC.

His husband, Chris Hughes, was the coordinator of online organizing for Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign and recently purchased The New Republic.

It will be an uphill battle for Eldridge to win in a midterm election against a Republican incumbent, when turnout will be low, voters will be older and Obama won’t be at the top of the ticket to lure Democrats to the polls. That said, Chris Hughes no doubt knows how to run one hell of a turnout operation, and there will be no shortage of cash to grease the local wheels.

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